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Randy Lane   Realtor/Broker

(209) 628-6383
CA-BRE #00481201

Madelynn "Mattie" Lane  Realtor/Property Manager
(209) 628-9231
CA-BRE #01461454




Randy Lane is the Broker-Owner of Lane Realty in Merced. He has more than 30 years personal experience investing in Real Estate.  For the last 10 years, as a Realtor, he has used this personal experience to advise his clients and help them reap the benefits of wise real estate investments in good markets and bad.

He followed the normal career path in attaining this success: From Green Beret, to college graduate, to Finance Manager for Memorex, to Media Relations Representative for Hewlett-Packard, to highly successful investor and Real Estate Broker.

He attributes all his success in life to having done well the two most important things: 1) Picking his parents properly, and 2) marrying well.  Randy would be happy to assist you in learning more about real estate investing in the Merced area, and building your own real estate portfolio.

Madelynn "Mattie" Lane has been managing properties since 1992.  After years of administrative support positions and work at a consulting company and during years at Hewlett-Packard, she, for the first five years was president of her homeowner's association.  The enjoyment she found in the experience of managing a condominium complex was a springboard to her successful career as a Property Manager in Merced.  She built two successful property management companies since 2004, and currently oversees properties in Merced and Santa Clara Counties. She and Randy work in tandem with their clients with a hands, personal approach.  Mattie attributes her success in life to her high ethical values, spirituality, and love for people.  

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