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Repair Requests

Repair Request Form

1. Complete the form in the link above

2. Then send a picture from your phone with a text message

3. If it is an appliance, include a picture/s of the Make, Model and Serial numbers to 209 628-9231


Keeping Up Your Home

Managing someone else's property is not a job everyone can handle.  But if you have decided to rent a home, you have become a very important person.  You have decided to become an Asset Manager, otherwise known as a Surrogate Owner.  This means it is your responsibility to take care of this home in a way that helps to increase its value.

Below are some links to websites and information that will help you be the best you can be while managing the care of another person's assets.

Energy Savers Guide

Toilet ring solutions

DIY Repairs


Natural Pest Control

Basic Lawn Care



Taking Care of Your Home and MOVE OUT Information

Moving is a daunting task, but there is an easy way, and a hard way to do it.  Once you have given your 30 day notice, begin by packing everything you're not going to use for the next month, and set the boxes in a staging area. If you list what you put in the boxes, take a picture of that list with your cell phone or make a photo copy, it will make the job much easier.

First, try to use boxes the same size.  You can purchase packing materials from Home Depot, or a storage company.

Start by removing objects from your walls, and shelves, and de-clutter the home.  Number each box and keep a list of what you put in the box with the same number.  When complete, put one copy of the list in the box and one copy of the list in a binder.

Remove unnecessary dishes, bowls and items from the kitchen and pack these things away.
Box up books, toys, and unused accessories.  The more personal accessories you have packed away to start with, the easier your move will be.  Have a garage sale if you don't want to take it to your new home.  You can deep clean as you go, don't wait until the last minute, and you'll find that moving wasn't as hard as you thought it would be.  When a home is completely empty, we find it takes us approximately 20-30 hours to deep clean depending on the size and soil.  So it is important to plan your cleaning and repairs to maximize the return of your deposit.


1.  Appliances:  Clean inside and outside surfaces, range, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc.  Move them, if possible, and clean the walls and floors behind and underneath.

2.  Cabinets:  All cabinets & drawers, inside and outside (do a grit test). All the grit should be removed on shelves and drawers.  Oily fingerprints on kitchen cabinets should be removed.  We will call pest control if bug  problems exist.

3.  Floors:   Make them sparkle ~ Include the baseboards in all rooms and hallways.
     Laminate floors:   Do NOT use water!  Use Bono, Swiffer or an authorized laminate floor cleaner.
     Tile Floors:  Windex works great! Spray and clean with a towel
     Carpeted  Floors:   If you don't like to vacuum, we suggest purchasing an iRoomba and also have carpets steam cleaned at least once a year.   See item #13

4.  Windows:  Clean windows.  Include window tracks, sills (get the gunk out!) Wipe them out when they are dry first, THEN use a cleaner to get out the excess dirt.   Blinds & Screens:  Use dishwasher soap! Be prepared to replace or pay for replacing damaged or broken blinds and screens. Notify us immediately if blinds will need replacement so we can order them ahead.

5.  Bathrooms:  Thoroughly clean Toilets, Showers, and Bathtubs -  should be white (not gray).  All rings, scum & stains should be removed.  Do NOT use ajax or powdered cleanser or bleach on plastic tubs or showers.  Instead try mixing 1/4 part Dawn Soap with 3 parts Hot White Vinegar. Most glass companies have a paste type of cleaner for deep cleaning glass and porcelain.   Spray on surface and use a microfiber cloth.  Recaulk if necessary.

6.  Fans, Vents, Globes, Clean Light switches, outlet and switch plates (replace if missing or broken), doors, & trim. Fan blades- brushes are available at Lowe's & Home Depot. Clean globes.  

7.  Replace (tenant responsibility):
     * HVAC filters - replace inexpensive kind monthly
    * missing & dead lightbulbs or dead batteries for smoke and C02 detectors, thermostat and watering timer. Do NOT disconnect them.
    * missing or broken switch or wall plates

8.  Pest Control/De-cob/ FIREPLACE: Remove spider webs from everything inside and out.  Remove ashes.

9. Walls & Door Trim:  Wash soiled walls with TSP.  DO NOT PATCH PICTURE HOLES!  This often leads to additional move out expenses that can be avoided!  wipe all horizontal surfaces!

10. Paint:   Touch-up paint where needed.  A can or sample should be with the home, or we can purchase if needed.  or our painter will do.

11. Garage:  Sweep or blow the garage.  If you had pets that stayed in the garage, hose the floor and apply bleach, then hose again. Clean out the pad cracks.

12. Lawns:  Mow and edge, weeds in beds should be removed.  Remove all pet waste and odors.  Use Garden lime powder on dirt beds to remove odors and kill flies. 

13. Carpet cleaning:  Wait until LAST.  At your move out, we can have the carpets professionally cleaned.  If you do your own, PLEASE use a professional steam cleaning company! We prefer Cleanway Carpets (209) 658-0105.  Have carpets deodorized, and provide a receipt.  Rug Doctor/Bissel carpet cleaner/vaccuums can be used to take care of spots during your tenancy, but they are NOT an acceptable final cleaning method.  It is recommended to have carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year.

14.  Call City of Merced (209) 358-6841 or your refuse company to come and empty all 3 of your cans if you have mixed garbage.  Haul off all extra debris from house and yard. 


Move Out Instructions

  1. Be sure to give a 30 day written notice to the property manager.  Not doing so will result in loss of your deposit.
  2. Begin packing immediately and follow the checklist to the left of this box for cleaning.
  3. Be sure to keep things orderly enough that the home can be shown during your last month.  We would like to show it once a week as an open house for approximately one hour.
  4. 48 hours before your move out you are entiled to a pre-move out inspection
  5. Contact Lane Property Management immediately, and turn over all house keys, garage door openers, and P.O. Box Keys.  If you do not do this you will be charged for each day you do not turn over the keys.
  6. The closer you leave the home in "rent-ready" condition, the more of your deposit will be returned to you.
  7. We have 21 days from when you return the keys to provide you a closing statement and deposit monies to which you are entitled.
  8. If you wish assistance with your cleaning or packing, please contact us and we will send someone to assist you, at your expense.

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