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How About Letting Us Manage Your Property?


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At Lane Property Management our first priority is to make you a happy and satisfied client. You will find that our top priorities include anticipating your needs as a landlord by selecting and properly managing your tenants. With this commitment, we are bridging the gap between the landlord and tenant with professional property management solutions.

  • Are you tired of managing your own property?
  • Does it just take too long to get your property ready to rent . . . And rented?
  • Is it too far to drive when trouble arises?
  • Do you have high-maintenance tenants?

The right property manager . . .

  • Stays in communication with you about your investment
  • Understands and manages your investment with your short and long-term goals in mind
  • Keeps a critical eye out for what is best for your investment.

We make sure your unit is ready to rent and. . .

  • We review rental applications, interview and select potential tenants, run credit reports (at tenant’s expense), and check references.
  • If you are interested in the County of Merced Housing Voucher Program (Section 8), we coordinate preparation of your unit for inspection. (Please note: The initial inspection will take at least three weeks lead time from identification of a tenant, and requires annual re-inspection).
  • We keep you up-to-date on competitive market prices for rentals in your property area.

And after your unit is rented . . .

  • Rental Invoices:  We send your tenant a monthly invoice for rent plus any additional charges due.
  • Exterior Check-Ups: On a regular basis, we perform a drive-by exterior check-ups. This keeps us alert to the habits and patterns of the tenants residing in your rental unit. The condition of the exterior will often reflect the condition of the interior.
  • Rent check pick-up: If the tenant requires personal attention, we will pick up the rent
  • Interior Inspection: We perform (pre-announced) interior inspections. The number of these can be more often at the owners request or if a tenant needs special attention. The purpose is to determine if there are water issues, leaks or other potential hazards in the interior that have not been reported. Also, it makes your tenants feel they have a landlord and property manager who cares.
  • Repairs & Upgrades: Coordinate and manage crews.
  • Balance Sheets and Financial Reports: We send periodic monthly Financial Statements, annual tax statements, and any other reports you may require upon request.

What can you expect if tenants default on their rent?

  • We will serve 3-day delinquency notices and coordinate the eviction process-obtain services for evictions (at Landlords expense) and attend court hearings, as necessary.
  • Upon evacuation by the tenants, we coordinate the cleaning and repairs, and prepare the property for the next tenants.

When it comes down to it... Quality Property Management is Free!

Months without tenants or poorly managed tenants is expensive. Also, thousands of dollars are lost by poor property management. To maximize your investment, the TLC that Lane Property Management provides increases the value of your property to maximize your investment.

Contact us regarding our fees and discounts. We will be happy to work with you to provide a solution with which you can feel comfortable. We are happy to meet with you to determine the best way to move forward with renting your property.

Thank You for your interest in the services of  Lane Property Management and Realty!








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