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Thank you for your Application!

Your application for our Rental Homes has been received!

The steps to verify your income and identity are very important if you wish to be qualified for the home.


VERIFICATION OF INCOME:  You may send the necessary qualifying information in one of three ways:

1) Fax to 209 725-0351

2) Photocopy with your smart phone and send to  209 628-9231

3) Email your info to  


Be sure your photocopy is legible!  Here is what we need from you!

Employed:   Last 2 paystubs showing income and YTD

Self-employed:   Last years tax return 

Social Security:   Letter of Verification within last 30 days

Student on Financial Aid:  Copies of Document approving Financial Aid, and co-signer's Application.

Undocumented Income:  If you have undocumented income, such as tips, please provide a journal of income received over and above your normal wages.



You can send a color copy of your photo ID by photocopy with your smart phone and send to  209 628-9231 or


I'm looking forward to meeting you!  Please feel free to text or  call 209 628-9231 if you have further questions or concerns.



Lane Property Management


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