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Guidelines for Students and Co-signors


Student Application

Co-signers Application


Our agreements with students are set up as follows:


1.  Students are responsible for the base rent, utilities and yard care and will pay for those services with their rent.

2.  They are responsible to obtain their own ISP provider, cable or satellite TV and telephone.

3.  Each student will be responsible for their share of the rent AS WELL AS any room that is left vacant or unrented. for example If one student chooses to leave their tenancy early without replacing themselves, the other tenants will be required to make up the difference in loss of rent for the period of time the room is vacant.

4.  Payments for rent are due by the first day of each month or in advance.  If a student receives Financial Aid, it is advisable they pay their rent for the full quarter they receive Financial Aid.

5.  A required house cleaning and carpet cleaning service will be contracted and charged to the students at the end of the school year in May.  Students may requested ongoing housekeeping at an additional charge.

6.  Rent is payable for one full year, for example,  from August 1, 2013 thru August 1, 2014.  Any student leaving for the summer must pay rent through the summer months.

7. The deposit shall NOT be used in lieu of rent at any time.  If a student misses a rent payment, the co-signer is responsible for that payment immediately.






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